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Belgrade Fashion week baby

April and October are among the most important months of the year (equally important as the months when my children were born: D), and I am always eagerly waiting for them. Anyone who is into makeup and fashion knows what I am talking about, and why I am so excited. The reason is Belgrade Fashion Week that is being held at the Bel Expo Center. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing there and how I managed to get into the back stage. Well, let’s get back to the beginning.

I was always into makeup. But it took me quite some time to decide to attend a Makeup cours. I never thought I was good enough. Long story short summer 2017. I finally started my makeup course at makeup school World of Education. The course lasted 32 hours. At course you learn all the basics and after that, it is on you to practice and develop your own style. They teach you what you need to know to start, but if you don’t practice on your self and others, you can’t progress as an artist. At some point during our classes, we received an invitation from our school to attend BAS or Belgrade Art Show, in Witch bar, where our designer Sanja Peric was having her fashion show. Ofcourse we thought that we are only gonna watch how they do make on models. But they had other plans. Long story short they showed us powders, brushes and other things we need and told us to start working. The look on our faces was priceles, I mean we were in shock, to say the least. I wish someone filmed that moment because it was funny. We never have done a runway make up before, we only practice on our self and each other. And once we started we were in the zone. And it was just an amazing experience. After that, I got another invitation in October to attend Belgrade Fashion Week as a makeup artist. The fashion week was held in belexpo Center. As a beginner, I only got to work on girls that work in protocol and promotion. But because there was a lot of shows that day and other makeup artists couldn’t take another show, we got the privilege to do makeup for Dianna Fashion show. I mean how cool is that. After that, we had a privilege to do a red war paint on dancers from group 2HOT4STAGE. It was really fun. But the only problem was that we all had pink hands after that.

In April and again in October we attended another fashion weeks in BelExpo center. It was ussual hussle , we had girls from protocol and promotion. At that point, we already bonded with those girls so ich of them had her makeup artist that she prefer more. And that was really cute. And now I am just waiting for April to come again so I can go see my girls, and just do what I love the most , which is Makeup.

It’s still pretty much surreal for me to get be a part of that world. I can’t believe that I can actually say that I worked on 2 fashion shows and that I can be a part of an amazing group o makeup artists, and hang out with them in backstage at fashion shows. It has truly been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait what else will future bring. It’s proof that anything is possible if you just believe in your self.

Untill the next time my babies


Ps. Moust of the photos in my blog was taken by talented Danilo Knezevic , you can find him on instagram @knezevsvet , and my make up school you can find on IG and Fb @World of Education. If you want to follow me
you can find me on Instagram @ivavaki

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