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Behind the scene at Belgrade fashion week

When you think about Fashion Week first thing that comes to your mind are glamorous models, a phenomenal wardrobe, a bunch of celebrities, bloggers and influencers that are sitting in the front row with their smartphones waiting to capture moments from the show and put it on their snapchat, or instastory. Everything looks like a big glamorous party, but not everyone knows what’s exactly going on in backstage and whether it’s all glamorous as it appears to be. Some things can be deceiving.

The fact is that the preparations for the fashion week start well before it started, even I think that as soon as one ends, preparations for the next one begin. I do not know exactly how it goes, but I can describe the atmosphere from my angle.

Preparation for the show starts in the morning, because it is necessary to put together all the things that the models will wear, set up section for hairdressers, section where makeup artist will be, they have to put together gift bags that will be gifted at the beginning of the show, of course there are photographers who are there to record all the moments behind the scenes.

Real chaos starts later, in the beginning, there is a more relaxed atmosphere. I like to say that you have to really love this business because you have to sustain the pace of Fashion Week. Everything is happening fast. Since I’m still a beginner in this business, I do makeup on girls from the protocol and the promotion. And each of them has a certain look which is assigned to her for that day. Mainly everything comes down to some classic beauty look, with accented eyes, the black eyeliner is mandatory and some have to have red lipstick while some can play with the colors that suit them. Of course, while this is happening you can hear the voice in the background calling models that must come to do practice their walk and practice how fast or slow they have to walk. You can her so many comments regarding models. In addition to the usual “ next “, different comments can be heard, some walk too slowly, some too fast, some do not have the right expression on their face … I’m sorry I did not record it because some of the comments were really hilarious and brought us to tears. While all of this is happening, some models are trying wardrobe, some models are on the side practicing their walk, because some shoes have heels that are abnormal heights, and have to practice walking in them. No one wants to have Carry Bradshaw moment on the runway (lovers of sex and city know what I’m talking about). It usually takes several hours before the beginning of the show, which is mostly late, because not all models are ready for on time. When the show starts, everyone can finally relax, sit back and rest their feet. Because believe me you get pain in every muscle from all the standing. After everything is done and ready we go to the part where the shows are held and just enjoy.

The rest of the days have the same vibe, but at the same time each day have different shows and models and make up looks from the previous one. But this atmosphere, this creative chaos, madness, is something that I live for. The first time I set my foot in the beck stage, I knew it was the place where I was meant to be. Very quickly I fell in love with that whole process, and all that chaos. The only problem is when everything ends, when the fourth day comes, when we do not participate, I have a severe inflammation of all the muscles and I only want to sleep all day, but that’s not possible since I am a mom, so the only thing left for me is to pour liters of coffee and to drink magnesium direct, so I can relax for a bit . And you know what, despite everything, I can not wait for the next Fashion Week, and I’m already preparing enough magnesium and coffee just so i can be prepared.

This is it for this post, I hope you like it. If you want, you can follow me on the Instagram @ivavaki where I usually publish pictures from different events, shoots …. And if you like these post, I hope you will be subscribed because I promise you many more exciting posts, and I’m already planning so much more surprises, make up looks ,and more, so stay tuned. Until the next time my babies .


Ps. some of the pictures from this post are taken by talented Danilo Knezevic , you can follow him on instagra @knezevsvet .

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