Make up and Beauty

Behind the scene

Let’s be honest, I love my job, I always knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. I love doing make up for photo shoots . And since I am a mom, it comes to me as a mini holiday. For a couple of hours, I can talk to people about topics that have nothing to do with school, kindergarten, training, homework …. Do not take me wrong way, I love being a mom, and I’m proud of it, but from time to times I like to talk about some other topics.

Usually, it takes me some time to get ready for the day. The whole schedule has to be planed around kids. I have to check when the school stars (we have morning and afternoon classes ), kindergarten, who has a practice that day … Packing my make up bag for the day doesn’t take that long, because I usually bring a lot of things with me, because I never know what will I need that day, and I like to be prepared.

I love that whole process of preparing for the shoot. Choosing a dress that model will wear, choosing shoes, the hairstyle that best suits the model, and finally makeup look that will complete the whole look. Then you have to select the location. Sometimes they are shooting in a salon where they use background wallpaper in a variety of colors, and sometimes it’s shooting outdoors.

For this occasion, they choose to do a shoot in front of the Church of Saint Sava. It was a bit of a problem to find a place where a girl could change, but the solution found, it may not be so glamorous, but there is still some sort of solution. Next, we had to find a place for shooting where the random passers-by would not get into the frame. Which is not so simple, especially in such a prominent place.

I enjoyed watching models at work because I am an anti-talent for posing. They are always so gorgeus in their photos. I mean they know their angles, and I don’t. I .only like my spontaneous pictures when I don’t try so much. I really need some modeling lessons.

I was really sad I couldn’t stay any longer so I could take more behined the scene pictures for you. But my motherly duties couldn’t wait anymore. Let’s hope that the next time I can stay longer.

That’s it for this blog post, hope you like it. Until next post, my darlings, stay safe, love you all.


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