My dream job

I never was a girl that dreamed about regular office job or any 9 to 5 job. I always knew I was meant o something little more creative. It was not easy for me to discover what I wanted to do.

For the last 7 years, I am a stay a home mama. I know that I am blessed that I don’t have to work. But I needed to find some sort of hobby, something I can do that will make me happy. So last year I become a Makeup artist, and I love that job. I can still work and be with my kids. And after that, I made a decision to start my blog. This blog would be my online diary where I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas. To share things that I love, that makes me happy. I also want to make blogging my full-time job. I know it will not be easy, but at least I am working from my home and I don’t have to miss out on their childhood. I can do things with them, and be present.

Tell me what is your dream job? I want to hear where do you see yourself in the future? Leave me in the comments below, so we can talk more. Until the next post.

Stay safe, hugs and kisses


79 мишљења на „My dream job

  1. im a stay a home mama and have been for the past three years almost. i like it but wish i could generate more income than what i am now. my dream job is to be able to spend as much time as i can with my family but making substantial money from my blog, books, social media, etc and travel 🙂

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  2. I never really had a dream job. Just studied computer science in college because that was also my brother’s course and heard it pays really well but ever since I started my blog, i fell in love and enjoy doing it.

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  3. If I were a stay at home mama, I would do the same as you do, too. Will learn something new, do what I love to do that can make some income without having to miss moments with my children. Keep it up! You will get where you want to be one day. Not easy yes, but you will get there. 🙂

    Свиђа ми се

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