10 Tips for travelling with kids

Traveling with kids can sometimes be overwhelming. These are some tips and tricks you can do to make packing and traveling little easyer.

1.Don’t overpack

When we travel with kids, we always think that we need to bring lots of things with us. But we don’t. It’s easier to plan in advance, and just plan their outfits that they are gonna wear and stick to that plan.

2.Let kids bring their toys

Just let them choose their favourite things that will keep them company. That way they have something to play with during the trip. But keep in minde to limite the number of toys they bring with them. You don’t won’t to carry to much things with you.

3.Snacks , snacks, snacks…

Do we really need to explain this. I mean they ask for food as soon as they get in the car/plane. So bring lots of snacks.

4.Travel with basic medicines

It’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know what could happen.

5.Bring electronic devices

I know there are lot of people against the kids using phones and tablets. But when you are traveling they are gonna get bored eventually. And you can’t keep them entertained the whole way, so that’s when you will give them tablets or phones to play games. Or better yet, download some of their favorite shows so they have something to watch.

6.Let the kids play

I know we all have things planned in advance when we go on a trip. We want to see as much as we can. And experience everything that country has to offer. But sometimes we should just relax and let them play on the beach or in the local park. It’s their vacation too. And they also get to say what they want to do.

7.Keep the same routine

It’s important especially for babies to keep the same routine. That way they can adjust to the new space.

8.Be flexible

As it was sad before, let them play and enjoy. Site seeing can wait. You don’t have to plan everything, you are there as a family to enjoy and relax. So just relax and go with a flow.

9.Keep calm

Try to keep calm, not everything will be the way you planned. But that’s just life. So don’t stress.

10.Enjoy it

I know traveling with kids can be really stressful. But they are not gonna be your little babies forever. So just try to enjoy every moment spent on those trips with them. Because those are the memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Hope you find these tips useful. If you have any additional tips that I didn’t mentioned please let me know in the comments below . Until the next post my darlings stay safe. XOXO

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