From Greece with Love

Summer break is almost over. Lazy and care free days are coming to a end. It got me thinking about all the things that new begging will bring us.

We are counting our last days in this beautiful and amaizing country and trying to soak up as much sun and the sea as we can.

It will be sad to say good buy, but we are looking forward going back to our usual routine . Baby boy is going back to his kindergarten, to play and learn with his friends. My big girl is starting her second grade, and also will be preparing for music school as well as learn violin . We are going back to sports and all sorts of fun activities .

As for me I looking forward to work on my blog more, and maybe eaven try on YouTube .We will see. I recharged my batteries and know I am more ready then ever . I have do many new ideas that I can’t wait to bring to life.

But for now I will enjoy these last days laying on the beach, running throu waves, diving and just playing with my kids. Because the memories they bring are priceless.

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