New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year, my darlings. It doesn’t seem real that it’s 2020. already, it’s like only yesterday we couldn’t wait for the year 2000. But here we are, and this is the time of the year when everyone is writing their New Year resolutions. And this is the first year that I am doing my New Year resolution list. There is no pint of making all those promises to my self that I will ignore just one day after I write them on my list. My New Year resolution is to cut out of my life all toxic and energy-sucking people and surround my self whit positive and supportive people. And in the matter of fact, I started this resolution before New Year, because there was no point waiting. And, you know what? That was the best resolution I had in years.

This year I really want to try to make a mood board and work on it and see if it really works, they say if you can visualize it, you can achieve it. So we will see, I will keep you post it on how it goes. Maybe I will make it a blog post on how I made my mood board. Let me know if you would like to see how I made it.

Let me know in the comments below what are some of your New Year resolutions, or do you have any. And also, will you be making a mood board for this year.

I hope you had a marvelous New Year, and hope for all of you that this year will bring you everything that makes your heart happy. That’s it for this post, my darlings, love you, stay safe and I will talk to you soon.

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