A day in the life of a stay at home mom

Hello, my darlings. I thought it would be amusing to share what my day-to-day life looks like as a stay-at-home mom. I hope that you are going to like it.

06.30 I ussualy set my alarm earlier than I need to get up, because I am not a morning person, I am more a night owl, and I tend to stay up late binge-watching YouTube, and scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. So I usually hit that snooze button a few times.

07:00 And it is time to get up, wake up sleeping monsters and get them ready for school and kindergarten. And am I making my mandatory morning coffee, and God knows that I need the biggest cup.

07:30 And kids are out the door with there dad and know I can finally drink my morning coffee in peace while cuddling with my fur baby.

10:00 I finished my coffee, and I am already making my second cup and breakfast while cleaning out the kitchen. I get out y Pj’s after I clean the kitchen. And I start cleaning out the rest of the house. I love to watch YouTube while cleaning.

12:00 And I am finally done with the house, and it’s time to focus on my blog. If I am not writing a blog post, or I am on Pinterest looking for blog post ideas, and while working, I love to watch Shallon Lester on YouTube.

13:30 -14:30 I make lunch, and after it’s done, I go to pick up the kids from school and kindergarten.

15:30-17:00 And it’s time to eat our lunch and finish our homework. After that, it’s our free time. And it means kids usually play in their rooms, or we watch cartoons, sometimes we play board games …

Both of my kids are playing sports, my girl is taking karate lessons, and my son is going to football practice. So on Monday and Wednesday, we have football practice, and on Tuesday and Thursday, we have karate lessons. Sometimes we have karate on Saturday evening.

After we are finished with sports, it’s time for dinner, a quick shower and straight to bed. I usually let my kids watch a little bit of tv before they fall asleep. And some times we love to read a bedtime story. And when I am tired and want to make them fall asleep faster, I let my daughter read us a story, and I guarantee you she will be fast asleep in 15 minutes.

22:30 And it’s finally time to become a couch potato. I make my self and my husband a caffe latte, and I go straight to lap-top. I usually snuggle with my doggo under a blanket and watch some more YouTube, while working on my blog. And of course, I have to check my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I love multitasking.

00:00-01:00 I usually go to bed really late, and I know it’s not good for me, considering I have to get up pretty early, and I am going to regret it in the morning. And the good thing is that we can sleep in on the weekends.

This is what our week looks like when we have school in the morning. Our schedule changes every other week. One week they have orning classes that start at 08:00, and the week after that classes begin at 14h.

When my girl has afternoon classes, we have a slightly different daily schedule.

07:30 -11:00 I get up, make my self a cup of morning coffee, and I wake up my son and get him ready for kindergarten. After he leaves with his dad, I wake up my daughter and make us some breakfast to start the day. After breakfast, we start to get ready for school, and I prepare some lunch that she is gonna take to school.

13:30 It’s time for school. And after I drop her at school, I go straight home to finish some errands.

15:00 At this time I pick up my son from kindergarten, and we are heading home for some lunch for mama and some snacks for him, and after that, we usually watch some cartoons and relax, before I have to go pick up his sister from school.

18:20 Is usually the time when we go to pick up his sister from school, and we are heading home.

Our evenings usually look the same every week, it doesn’t change. That’s why I am not going to repeat it.

Hope you like this kind of posts, let me know in the comments below. Until next time, my darlings, love you, stay safe, and I will talk to you soon.


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