Mommy and daughter spa day

Recently my daughter has started to show interest in skincare. To be more specific, face masks. I guess she watched a lot of videos of women putting on their masks and wanted to give it a try. I still think she is too young for that, but I wanted to make her feel grown-up, so I found a face mask she can use, plus I thought it would be a perfect mommy and daughter bonding time. I had it all planned in my head. We would relax with our masks on, drink some tea, maybe do our nails while watching „Hotel Transylvania“ on Netflix. I also wanted to take lots of cute selfies with her, so I can pretend to be a perfect Pinterest mom.

Everything started great. We cleaned our skin with rose water, choose a mask that we are going to use. And after only one minute she was bored and started asking when she can take it off. She wasn’t too happy that you have to wait 15-20 minutes. And she didn’t like it when I tried to take some cute pictures with her. How can I be a perfect Pinterest mom with a grumpy child who refuses to smile and act all perfect? I only manage to take one decent picture. She only kept that mask on for a few minutes before she took it off. And then she went to her room to play Roblox. And I ended up eating popcorn and watching Transformers cartoon on Netflix with my son. Maybe it wasn’t the night I was hoping to have, but it still was a great night. And that vegan skin mask did wonders to my skin. So I can’t complain.

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