Why I stoped forcing my children to share their toys

When my daughter was little her dad bought her a beautiful toy bird that could talk. She was so excited about the new toy that she took her with her everywhere with her. And one day we went out for a walk, and our little neighbor approached my daughter and started demanding that she give her the toy. She politely told her no couple of times, and then she asked me to make her give her the toy. She was not happy when I explained that it’s her toy, and she will not share it. Of course, she was not happy with that answer, and she started complaining to her mom. Who also didn’t understand why my daughter is not sharing her new toy. Long story short, they stopped talking to us, because they thought my daughter is selfish.

You see, my kids are not required to share their toys just because kids asked for it. They can ask them, but they have to decide if they want to share it or not. The same thing goes if another child doesn’t want to share their toys with them, they have to accept it.

To put in another perspective. If your friend bought a new bag, and you really like it, would you just ask her to give it to you just because you like it, and then be offended when they refuse? Of course, you wouldn’t. Because as an adult, you know that just because you asked for it, it doesn’t mean that they need to give to you.

And the same thing goes for our kids. Just because someone asked them for their toy, it doesn’t mean that they have to give them that toy. They have every right to say no if they want to. And that doesn’t mean that they are mean, or selfish. They have all the right to choose who are they sharing their toys with. And if kids or parent gets offended by their choice, well that’s really their problem.

I know that there will be a lot of od parents that will not agree with me. And I realize that. And they should also understand that maybe I don’t agree with every choice they made in raising their kids. And that’s ok. We are all different and have different opinions. But, all I ask is to respect that my kids have the right to say no.

I want to know, do you force your children to share their toys? Let’s talk in the comments bellow.

Until next time, my darlings, love you, stay safe, and I will talk to you soon.


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