5 Blogging goals to set for your self in 2020.

As someone who is still new in the blogging world, I know how hard it is to visualize your blog growing or even getting paid to blog. But this year I decide to change all that and set my self some goals. As my favorite YouTube-er Amber School said: „What if it doesn’t come true, oh honey, but what if it does!“ So here are some blogging goals I found for us so that our dreams can also come true.

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Blogging goal # 1: Believe you can do it

This goal may sound a little bit silly, but don’t forget that the mind is an intricate thing. If you keep telling your self that your blog will not be successful, then guess what, it won’t. But if you believe that you will manage to turn your blogging into a full-time job, then it will happen. It all comes down to low of attraction, and you can attract anything you want in your life. Positivity only attracts positivity.

Blogging goal #2: Start using Pinterest.

Pinterest is not only a place where you can pin your favorite recipes and home decor ideas, but it’s also a place where you can promote your blog and drive in more traffic. So if you haven’t started using it, now it’s a perfect time.

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Blogging goal #3: Stop being busy, and start being productive.

When it comes to blogging goals’, it’s easy to get distracted, I struggle with this one the most. It may seem that we are working on our blog, but the reality of the situation is that we are just scrolling down our social media pages, and not doing anything that will help our blog grow. So, here are three easy steps for how to be more productive:
Step one: Make a list of all the task you have for that day.
Step two: Cut off all distractions.
Step three: Star with your first task, and set the timer, when the timer is up, and you haven’t accomplished that task, move it to the bottom of the list. Now you can move on to your next task and repeat the process. The timer will help you be more productive.

Blogging goal #4: Blogging goal #4: Plan out your content in advance & be consistent.

Nothing is worst then trying to come up with something to blog about on the spot. So, instead of playing a game of „What the hell I am going to write about?“. You can plan your content ahead of time. It will help you be more productive, and you will have enough time to think about the things you want to write.

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Blogging goal #5:

Get social with other bloggers. It helps when you have people around you that are on the same path as you. Talking to other bloggers will not only motivate you to be more productive on your blog, but it will also help you grow your blog.

Blogging as a career is a lot of hard work, but it is also one of the best jobs in the world. Where else you can find a job that will allow you to work in your comfy clothes with a glass of vine. So if we can get our blogging s*it together this year, I know it will l pay off big time.

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