How to stay calm and positive during isolation?

Self-isolating during COVID19 is probably the best way to keep your self and your family safe and healthy. For many of us, this can also be a difficult time. This situation can also lead up to mental health problems.

So I made a list to help you stay relaxed and positive during this difficult time.

Stay in touch.

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It’s difficult to be isolated from your friends and family members, but it doesn’t mean you have to cut all contacts to them. You can still stay in touch with them using the phone, Viber, WhatsUp… Talking to people you love will make you isolation less stressful.

Get into some form of routine.

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Having a routine will somewhat help you cope with this difficult time. Mind’s Stephen Buckley said: „Your routine may well be disrupted, so try to create a new plan while sticking to your ordinary routine as much as possible.“ However, at the same time, try not to fall into a cycle of just sleeping, working and eating, try and add some fun in your day, whether it’s exercise, watching a movie, or playing Scrabble.

Eat healthy.

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Eating healthy during isolation can be very difficult, especially if you have lots of snacks stashed in your house. It may feel great at first, but binge eating chips while watching shows on Netflix is not the best idea. Shore, you can eat snacks from time to time, but it’s more important to keep your healthy diet. It’s going to have a positive impact on your health and your mental health.

Have time away from screens

It’s crucial to have time away from the blue light of your devices, as it can disrupt your sleep and general mental health. You can use this time to read books, do crafts with your kids, learn a new language. If you are stressed out, you can use that energy to tackle some tasks that you’ve been avoiding for a while.

Listen to what makes you happy.

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Turn on your favorite podcast that makes you laugh, or listen to your favorite music, and dance around the house, get your kids to dance with you, this is not only a great way to relax, it’s also a great way to get that energy out and loosen a little.

Declutter your house.

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Use this time to declutter your house and throw away all the junk you have been piling over the years. You will feel much better, and your home will feel less like a storage unite. After you’ve finished cleaning, you will feel refreshed.

Tell me in the comments below, what are your methods for staying calm and relaxed. Let’s help each other get through this difficult time.

Until next time, my darling, please stay safe, love you, and I will talk to you soon.


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