Parenting advice for raising girls.

Raising a girl in this image-obsessed times can difficult. It doesn’t get easier when your little girl is a bit bigger than the other girls in her class. I knew that there would be teasing and hurtful names, I just didn’t that it would happen that soon, but I knew I had to step up as a mother to make sore that she know that I always got her beck, and she can talk to me about anything and everything. And I know that we are not the only ones with this problem, so I wanted to share with you some tips I found so we can raise strong, powerful and confident girls.

Encourage your daughter to have a positive body image.

One of the most important parenting tips for raising girls to keep in mind is to encourage your daughter to have a healthy body image. Compliment your daughter, praising her appearance. If she asks if she is beautiful, enthusiastically tell her, “Yes!” It’s also a good idea to let your teenage daughter know that the models in the magazines are photoshopped and that no woman can be this perfect without an airbrush. Let your daughter know that perfection is not a real definition of beauty and that she is perfect just the way she is.

Be a good role model for your daughter

Moms, daughters are going to look to you, and they will learn from your attitudes and actions. Embrace your body and show pride in being a woman. Don’t criticize yourself, or you will pass that attitude to your daughter.

Help her develop her self-worth

Don’t just tell your daughter that she is valuable and worthy you need to help her believe in that. It will help them avoid destructive relationships in the future.

Spend a quality mother-daughter time.

Spending some alone time with your daughter, it is essential, this way you will build a strong friendship with your girl that will be unbreakable. Bond with her so that she knows that she can always talk to you when she has a problem and that you will always have her beck.

Don’t pressure her to fit in.

Don’t make her feel like she has to fit in anywhere. Teach her that we are all different, and she should embrace that, not hide it.

Teach her to be independent

Encourage her while she’s young to stand on her own two feet, which will help her become a strong and independent young woman that will make you proud.

Avoid traditional stereotypes.

Allow her to be involved in many activities, even those that may not be traditional activities for girls. If she wants to get involved in sports, allow her too. If she thinks she may want to be involved in a career that is not a traditional one for women, support her. Don’t allow traditional stereotypes to hold your daughter back, so don’t even let them creep into your family in any way.

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