Decorating eggs for Easter

In my home, we love celebrating Easter. We love everything about Easter, from coloring eggs and decorating baskets for eggs, baking sweets, and preparing delicious food. And every year, our whole family gathers in our home. But this year, due to a coronavirus, unfortunately, our family won’t be able to join us, so it’s going to be just four of us this year. And I wanted to share with you how decorated our eggs.

Kids love to help decorate for Easter, and it can get really messy. But I don’t mind the mess as long as we have fun. This year we decided to decorations simple because it’s going to be just four of us. But we still wanted to decorate, so it feels a bit festive.

Tell me in the comments, do your little ones help you with decorations for Holidays? And is your kitchen complete mess after decorating, or is it just us?

Until next time, my darlings, please stay safe, I love you, and I will talk to you soon.


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