Top 5 worst advice that people give to new moms.

When you become a mom, suddenly everyone around you becomes an expert on raising kids. Everyone knows what you should or should not do. And some of the advice they give you is just insane. I know they mean well, but please just let me raise my kids in peace, is that too much to ask. So here are my top 5 worst advice I had received.

Don’t let the baby sleep in your bed.

Sometimes it’s easier to let your baby sleep in your bed, especially if you are breastfeeding mom. This way, if your baby wakes up during the night, you don’t have to get up to feed him.

Don’t hold your baby so much it will be spoiled.

Holding a baby, and cuddling it, won’t make your baby spoiled. It will make them feel safe and loved, and you can’t spile your baby with too much love.

Let your baby cry.

I heard that you have to let your baby cry in her crib to teach her how to self soothe. Fist of all, how can you sit there and while your baby cry, how? If my baby cries you better believe me that I am going to pick her up.

Sleep when the baby sleeps.

One of my favorite advice I’ve got is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Does this mean that I should cook when baby cooks, or clean when the baby cleans?

Put some cereal in the bottle, it will make her sleep through the night.

I’ve heard so many times that I should put clerical in a baby’s bottle to make her sleep through the night. First of all, if the baby is younger than 4 months, you shouldn’t give her cereal. Second, it’s perfectly normal for a newborn to eat during the night.

These were only the top 5 advice I got from people who’s advice I didn’t want or need to hear. Tell me in the comments below, what crazy advice people gave you when you become a mom.

Until next time, my darlings, please stay safe, I love you, and I will talk to you soon.


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