Make up and Beauty

Coffee and makeup

Hello, my darlings. It’s Thursday, so it means it’s coffee and makeup time. Today I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite makeup looks from my favorite makeup influencers. These are the people I truly look up to, and I love watching them create different looks. Hope you like it.

Jeffree Star

I pretty much love all his makeup looks, and I choose just few that really caught my eye. I love watching his video’s, and I think he is the only human being that can look this gorgeous without eyebrows.

Lipstic Nick

Such a talented makeup artist. I have no words to describe how talented she is. And such a wonderful and genuine person.


His makeup skills are insane. Love all the looks that he creates.

Bailey Sarian

I am binge watching her makeup videos, especially because every Monday she is doing her Murder, mystery and makeup Monday. I am offically hooked. You have to check it out.

Tell me in the comments below, who is you favourite makeup artist.

Until next time, my darlings, please stay safe, I love you, and I will talk to you soon.


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