Benefits of playing with blocks for the preschooler

Hello, my darlings. Today I wanted to talk to you about the benefits of playing with building blocks.

Building blocks, whether they are big or small, or leggo, they are not only great entertainment, they are also an excellent way for kids to learn and develop excellent motor skills.

So here are some of the benefits of building blocks for preschoolers.

Spatial concepts

Building blocks help them understand the spatial concept, like what is up, what is down, what is in between, or on top, and bottom. You can also help them learn by asking questions like “ where didi you put a blue block“ this is so much fun way to learn without making them feel like they have to learn.

Learning math

Building blocks can also help your child learn math. He can count blocks, and also learn to add numbers, and subtract.

Developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Playing with building blocks may seem innocent enough, but they also are an excellent way for preschooler’s social-emotional development. By playing with blocks in bigger groups, they can learn how to be a team player, which will help them a lot when the time for school comes. 

They help them learn about teamwork

Developing imagination

And finally, playing with building blocks help them develop their imagination. And they can turn them into whatever they want. They can be a big castle, or in our case, a Transformers, or any other robot. Eather way, it’s an excellent way for them to play and learn.

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