Make up and Beauty

My favorite makeup primers.

We all know that the key to great makeup is a great makeup base. It makes your makeup last longer. It is necessary to prep your face before applying foundation and concealer. So here are my favorite primers.

The Revuele makeup base is a perfect balanced foundation primer. It is recommended against visible redness and excessive pigmentation, and it contains vitamin C, which is good for your skin. And it smells so good.

The Catrice primers are my favourite primes. They feel light on my skin, and they mask all my pores so that my foundationd looks flowless when I apply it.

Tell me in the comments bellow, what are your favorite makeup bases and primers? And do you use them every time you apply mekeup? Let chat in the comments below.

Until next time, my darlings, please stay safe, I love you, and I will talk to you soon.


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