Dear time, please slow down.

The other day, I was shopping for school books for my daughter, and for a moment, I froze. How can it be that she is a third grade already? It feels like only yesterday she was born, and I blinked, and she is eight and a half. And then, I remembered that my son is starting a preschool in September, and he is going to start school next year. And that really hit ne hard.

And now I have a few regrets, I regret not holding them a bit longer when they were babies, not squeezing their chubby cheeks a bit more, or kissing their chubby feet for longer.

And I want to say this to all new moms out there, and future moms, hold your baby whenever they want, squiz them, kiss them, rock them to sleep, and snuggle them whenever they want. Because they are this small for a moment and before you know it, your baby will all grown up, and you will regret missing out so many things. So go ahead spoil them with your love, I dare you.

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