How to maintain a strong marriage after having kids

When my husband and I got married almost nine years ago and decided to start a family, we never realized how much work will take to maintain our marriage. We were young and naive, and we thought that everything would be rainbows and unicorns, boy how wrong we were. But now, after almost nine years of marriage and two kids, we figure out a few things.
So, I want to share with you three simple rules for maintaining a strong marriage after having kids.


I can’t stress this enough, but communication is key to a happy marriage.

Make your marriage a priority.

I know that being a parent is the most important thing in the world, but your marriage is just as important. Your kids will grow up, and they will leave the house, and you are going to realize that you live with the person that you don’t know.

Never forget what made you fall in love with each other in the first place.

Try to keep that sparkle between you alive, seduce each other, play games. And never take each other for granted.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and if you have any more tips on how you maintain your marriage strong, please tell me in the comments below.
Until next time, my darlings, please stay safe, I love you, and I will talk to you soon.

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