Make up and Beauty

Coffee and makeup

Helelo, my darlings. Today I will not share with you my makeup look of the day. Today I wanted to share with you Instagram makeup looks that inspire me every day. These ladies have the most amazing makeup looks I have ever seen, I they are talented beyond words.

First, of the ladies, I admire is Tess Delay. Her makeup skills are out of this world. And she is an amazing person, and so funny. I just love her.

Second is Katie Cole. There is no word to describe her amazing talent, you have to see it your self.

Also one of the amazing ladies I follow and admire is Tori Josephine.

Next lady with incredible makeup skills is Julia Ternova.

And the last lady for this post is Celia Bradfield.

These are just some of the ladies I follow that inspire me with their incredible talent and makeup skills. In the future weeks, I will share with you more incredible Ig accounts that I love to follow.

I hope you like this kind of posts, and if you love makeup, don’t forget to show these ladies some love on Ig.

Tell me in the comments below, who is your favorite Ig beauty guru. L

Until next time, my darlings, please stay safe, I love you, and I will talk to you soon.


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