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Coffee and makeup- contouring 101

Hello, my darlings. Today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite thing, couturung. Ever since Kim K. showed us how she does her makeup and makes her face so symmetrical and beautiful, everyone has fallen in love with contouring. I have to admit if I do my makeup, even if it is a simple everyday makeup look, I have to my contours. It makes my face less round, and it gives me amazing cheekbones, that I don’t have. So here are some basic rules of containing you should know in order to have that amazing Kim K. look.

Oval face: The oval face is considered the perfect shape, so there isn’t a need for so much contouring. You should contour underneath your cheekbones and your temples.

Oblong face: For those of you with this shape, you will need to contour both the chin and the forehead to de-emphasis on the length and to bring more attention to the center of the face.

Round face: For those of you with this shape, you will need to contour your chin and cheeks along with your forehead to create shadows to give the impression of an oval face.

Square face: For those of you with this shape, you will need to create shadows around the chin to soften it.

Heart shape face: You will need to contour the forehead to take the attention away from the receding hairline and also if you have a pointed chin, create shadows to soften it up.

Diamond shape face: For this shape, you really don’t need that much countering. You should counter the area under your cheekbones, starting at your ear, and ending in the middle of your face. Don’t bring the contour close to your mouth, because it will have the opposite effect. And also contour the forehead to great more symmetry.

Rectangle face shape: For this face shape you should contour around the sides of your forehead and hairline to give the illusion of the smaller forehead. And below your cheekbones and under your jaw bone to create the illusion of the summer face.

Triangle shape face: If you have this face shape, you should contour your jawline and underneath your cheekbones. And your temples.

Heptagon face shape: This face shape doesn’t really inquire that much contouring, and you only need to contour underneath your cheekbones to make it appear a bit slimmer.

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