Mom talk-Dealing with a sibling rivalry

When you have one child, you are a parent, but when you have two or more, you become a referee. It is a well-known fact.
I always knew I wanted to have more than one child. At one point, I wanted five children. I know I am laughing too. When I imagen having two or more kids, I always imagined how they play together, happy, and just overall peacefully enjoying each other’s company. You can see how naive I was. Don’t get me wrong they love each other so fiercely, but they also sometimes fight like worst enemies. And I accepted that it is perfectly normal. I still remember how I was with my younger brother. We would fight all the time. I was so mean to him, but I also fiercely protected him in school because I was the only one that can torment him that was my given right and no one else’s. But now, he is my best friend and my confidant, and he is the best uncle in the entire universe.
So whenever my kids fight, and they are angry with each other, I remind them that whatever happens in life, they will always have each other. Because friends can live you, but your sibling will always be there for you and have you back no matter what.
If you are reading this, I want you to know that this shall pass, and everything will be ok. All you can do is to show them you love them and keep sharp objects away from them, just in case.

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