Slow down and breath

We all live our lives in a fast lane. Everything is fast, everyone is busy. We want everything and we want it now. Why cook when you order fast food. We are all consumed in fast fashion, fast wifi, fast everything. And we somehow forgot along the way to slow down, breath, and enjoy the moments.

Stop for a moment, look around you, smell the flowers, watch the birds above your head, ants on the ground. Stop, breath, and listen. It will help you reset and go back to your self. Make your self a cup of coffee, sit on a balcony, and read a book. Or listen to relaxing music, while letting the mind rest for a moment, and not think about million and one things. Let your mind go blank, and enjoy the moment.

I know I need it. I started reading again, after a long time. I make my self hot coffee, sit on my balcony, and read. It helps me get out of my own head, and forget about all the little things that bothered me. It helps clear my mind. And sometimes, I also love going for a car ride and listen to my favorite music out loud in my car. There is something about the music that is so therapeutic for my soul, and my mind.

So please, just stop for a moment, breath, and listen. Enjoy every moment, because we only know the value of that moment when it becomes a distant memory.

I love you all my darlings. Please stay safe. I am sending all my love to you.


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