10 Tips for travelling with kids

Iva 's Not-So-Secret Diary

Traveling with kids can sometimes be overwhelming. These are some tips and tricks you can do to make packing and traveling little easyer.

1.Don’t overpack

When we travel with kids, we always think that we need to bring lots of things with us. But we don’t. It’s easier to plan in advance, and just plan their outfits that they are gonna wear and stick to that plan.

2.Let kids bring their toys

Just let them choose their favourite things that will keep them company. That way they have something to play with during the trip. But keep in minde to limite the number of toys they bring with them. You don’t won’t to carry to much things with you.

3.Snacks , snacks, snacks…

Do we really need to explain this. I mean they ask for food as soon as they get in the car/plane. So bring lots of snacks.


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