Age-appropriate chores for kids

Iva 's Not-So-Secret Diary

Recently I started to think about age-appropriate jobs for kids and how it would make my life so much easier. To be honest, I was so used to do everything my self that I didn’t even think about assigning some jobs to my kids. It doesn’t mean that I never asked them to do something, I did, and they tried so hard to ignore me, or they would wine so much that in the end, I would do it my self, and it would make me angry. So I decided to look online, and I found a list of age-appropriate jobs that I would love to share with you. And hopefully, it will help us make our life a bit easier.

For kids ages 2-3:

-put toys away

-put away books

-put away dirty laundry in the hamper

-put trash in the garbage

-grab diapers and wipes

-wipe up spills

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