How to tell if you’re ready for another baby

The decision to grow a family is no small thing. That's a huge change not only for you and your partner but also for your older kids. It changes a family dynamic a lot. But that change doesn't have to be bad if you are ready for it. If you think that maybe you are… Прочитајте више How to tell if you’re ready for another baby


My top 10 favourite muvies of all time

''You can map your life through your favorite movies, and no two people's maps will be the same." Mary Schmich


How having less toys made my children happier?

Hello my darlings, today's post is going to be about why we stop buying so many toys for our kids. I have to admit, I was one of those parents who just wanted to buy every toy under the sun for my kids. I wanted them to have everything their hearts desire. I was assuming… Прочитајте више How having less toys made my children happier?


Where I see my self in 5 years?

Hello my darlings, today's post is gonna be a bit different. Today it's gonna be some sort of, what I imagine my life will look like in five years. Sometimes I love to day dream about future, and what changes it will bring me. In the next five years, I would love to grow my… Прочитајте више Where I see my self in 5 years?


Motivation Monday

Hello my darlings, I know it's been a while since I last talked to you. It's was just hard for me to find the motivation to write. I promise that will change, starting now. I will make sure to publish a new blog post every single day. I don't how I am going to do… Прочитајте више Motivation Monday


From Greece with Love

Summer break is almost over. Lazy and care free days are coming to a end. It got me thinking about all the things that new begging will bring us. We are counting our last days in this beautiful and amaizing country and trying to soak up as much sun and the sea as we can.… Прочитајте више From Greece with Love


10 Tips for travelling with kids

Traveling with kids can sometimes be overwhelming. These are some tips and tricks you can do to make packing and traveling little easyer. 1.Don't overpack When we travel with kids, we always think that we need to bring lots of things with us. But we don't. It's easier to plan in advance, and just plan… Прочитајте више 10 Tips for travelling with kids


Nature walk

Today was a perfect day for a nature walk. After a couple of days of rain, we were just ready to go outside and just enjoy the sun and fresh air. We all needed to just relax, unwind and just charge our batteries. We couldn't decide if we wanted to go to Ada or Kosutnjak.… Прочитајте више Nature walk