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Homeschooling- Scissor Practice

Hello, my darlings. Today I wanted to talk to you about why you should let your preschooler use scissors. I know it is a scary thing to let your kid use scissors. They can use scissors to cut hair, clothes, them selfs, their siblings, and pretty much anything they can find. But that is why… Прочитајте више Homeschooling- Scissor Practice

homeschooling&интерпункција; motherhood

Getting Ready For A New School Year

Hello, my darlings. It's that time of the year again. I actually love when end of August comes, and we start buying all the fun and colorful notebooks, new crayons, and so much lovely and colorful school supplies. You can say that I enjoy it more than my kids. I can't help it, whenever I… Прочитајте више Getting Ready For A New School Year

Make up and Beauty

DIY coffee scrub recipes

Hello, my darlings. I already shared with you the benefits of homemade coffee scrub, and now, as a promise, I will share with you the recipes for a homemade coffee scrub. Coffee scrub with olive oil and sea salt. You will need about 1/2 of a cup of ground coffee, one tbsp of olive oil,… Прочитајте више DIY coffee scrub recipes


Oh summer, I love you so

Oh summer. I love you so Just a few more days until summer officially begins, and I am seriously looking forward to wearing more summer dresses and enjoying ice coffee by the lake. There is so much I love about the summer, and there are a few things I don't like about summer. For example,… Прочитајте више Oh summer, I love you so


How to stop your kids from fighting?

Being a parent of two kids sometimes feel more like being a referee than being a parent. I know they are just kids, and they are going to fight, and that fights are going to be about most ridiculous things. I swear sometimes they leave me speechless. It sometimes hard to predict when they are… Прочитајте више How to stop your kids from fighting?


Benefits of spending time in nature

My kids love spending time outdoors, whether we go is walk by the river, or stroll through the woods, they love that feeling of freedom and wilderness that nature brings. And honestly, I think that spending time outside is beneficial for everyone. And here are just some of the benefits of spending quality time in… Прочитајте више Benefits of spending time in nature


Exploring nature with family

Now that my country lifted the state of emergency, and we don't have to be in isolation, we finally escaped the city and spent a day in beautiful Vinci, near the Danube. It was a short field trip, but it was just what we needed to recharge our batteries and get some much-needed nature therapy… Прочитајте више Exploring nature with family

Meal ideas

The easiest meatball in tomato sauce recipe that your kids will love.

My kids love meat, especially mincemeat. So I wanted to share with you today the easiest meatball recipe that your kids will love. My kids, especially my son, love meatballs, it doesn't matter if I serve them with spaghetti or mash potato, he can't get enough of it. So, today I wanted to share with… Прочитајте више The easiest meatball in tomato sauce recipe that your kids will love.


The importance of creating memories

Ah memories, one thing that no one can steal from us. Memories are there to remind us of all the things we did or see or experience in our life. Memories can be positive or negative, but they are part of our life and a big part of who we are. Since I became a… Прочитајте више The importance of creating memories


How to get through tantrums

Dealing with tantrums is never easy. No matter how many times you have to deal with them, it's still hard. Sometimes the dumbest thing will make your child throw a tantrum, and it looks like nothing you say or do can stop it from happening. So, the next best thing to do is to learn… Прочитајте више How to get through tantrums

Mom fashion

Date night outfits ideas for moms.

Hello my darlings, I know that we are all still in isolation because of the coronavirus, and we can't really go on date nights, but I still want to share with you my ideas for date night outfits. I hope you like them, so let's have fun now.

Mom fashion

Mom style-every day look book for moms.

Hello my darlings, today I wanted to share with you my mom style look book. But unfortunately, we are in isolation because of the coronavirus, and I live in my leggings and baggy t-shirts, so I am going to share with you some of my older looks. My style has never really changed over the… Прочитајте више Mom style-every day look book for moms.