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Dealing with negative and rude people

Hello, my darlings. Today I wanted to talk to you about dealing with negative and rude people. People that give us their opinion, even when we didn't ask them. But somehow they feel obligated to tell us their opinion. I can still remember when my son was little and my husband relative came to visit.… Прочитајте више Dealing with negative and rude people


Montessori puzzle for learning letters

It's official in about one month my youngest, my baby, my sweet little boy will start preschool. And I still can't believe that this is happening. He will no longer be a baby. He will be in first grade next September. And recently, I found a fun way for him to learn his letters. We… Прочитајте више Montessori puzzle for learning letters

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Mom talk – why do moms love to change their hair drastically?

Ever since I become a mom, I started changing my hair so often. And it got me to wonder, why is that before I become a mom I never change my hair so drastically. But now, I change it so often that is becoming ridiculous. And then I realized, that every time that I feel… Прочитајте више Mom talk – why do moms love to change their hair drastically?


Leggo day-play with us

It is safe to say that our family enjoys playing with blocks. We have all kinds of blocks at our home. We have big blocks, small blocks, plastic, wooden, and everything in between. But if we can choose one kind of building block that we love the most, it's the leggo blocks. Over the years,… Прочитајте више Leggo day-play with us