Why is spending alone time with your husband important for your marriage

Hello, my darlings. Today, I wanted to share with you why I think that spending alone time with your partner is crucial for your marriage. We all know that spending quality time with your kids is crucial, but what about your partner? I believe that spending alone time with your spouse is also important. Not… Прочитајте више Why is spending alone time with your husband important for your marriage


Things I said I would never do as a parent (but I definitely do)

I just had to apologize to a toy alligator and kiss a race care goodnight. Parenthood is weirder than I thought it'd be.


Can we have it all?

When I become a mother and a wife, suddenly I wanted to prove my self and everyone around me that I can do anything and everything and do it with a smile. I wanted to prove everyone that I can be a hands-on mom, good wife, businesswoman and everything in between. And I am not… Прочитајте више Can we have it all?

Make up and Beauty

Shooting for documentary

When I was packing for this shoot, I thought that we are doing either classic or a bit dramatic look. All I knew coming into this shoot is that we were working with a designer from Slovenia Sanja Velickovic, and also I knew that they are gonna film everything for the documentary. But when I… Прочитајте више Shooting for documentary

Make up and Beauty

Behind the scene

Let's be honest, I love my job, I always knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. I love doing make up for photo shoots . And since I am a mom, it comes to me as a mini holiday. For a couple of hours, I can talk to people about topics that have nothing… Прочитајте више Behind the scene