Make up and Beauty

Coffee and makeup- contouring 101

Hello, my darlings. Today I wanted to talk to you about my favorite thing, couturung. Ever since Kim K. showed us how she does her makeup and makes her face so symmetrical and beautiful, everyone has fallen in love with contouring. I have to admit if I do my makeup, even if it is a… Прочитајте више Coffee and makeup- contouring 101

Meal ideas

The easiest cornbread recipe that kids will love

My family loves to eat cornbread they could eat it all day if they could. And sometimes it's hard to find the perfect recipe that your whole family will enjoy, so I wanted to share the recipe my mom gave me, it is so easy, and delicious and also healthy for your kids. Ingredients3 Eggs1… Прочитајте више The easiest cornbread recipe that kids will love


Age-appropriate chores for kids

Recently I started to think about age-appropriate jobs for kids and how it would make my life so much easier. To be honest, I was so used to do everything my self that I didn't even think about assigning some jobs to my kids. It doesn't mean that I never asked them to do something,… Прочитајте више Age-appropriate chores for kids